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Buying Guide in Choosing Mountaineering Gear

Mountaineering is a sport that involves the challenge of climbing and reaching the peak of a mountain. Nature lovers and outdoor buffs get a sense of fulfillment when they pursue this sport. Mountaineering also involves gauging one’s skills by aiming for the peak of the mountain, whether it is a rocky or an icy one.

One of the benefits of being a mountaineer is they can stop temporarily during their hike to be at awe with the natural beauty of the scenery that surrounds them. Mountain climbing can be difficult, but it can be a once in a lifetime experience. People who are interested to participate in mountaineering must know and understand the different mountaineering gear to bring during their expedition in reaching the top of the mountain.

Mountaineering gear is a set of equipment or tools that are designated for mountain climbing and are essential tools for mountaineers during the hike. Before participating in mountaineering, try to follow the buying guide in choosing the proper gears needed for the climb. These are the following:


This is probably one of the most important mountaineering gears you should focus on. When buying footwear, make sure that you are buying mountaineering boots. Mountaineering boots are a variety of footwear that is specifically used for mountain climbing. It is designed to withstand the harsh terrain of the environment. This boots are designed to prevent the foot from getting injured. In addition, mountaineering boots are also developed to be utilized along with crampons. You can find a wide variety of mountain boots from Famous Footwear, and the best part is they often hold sales. Hence, you can buy top-of-the-line mountain boots without spending too much.


This traction gear is utilized to increase mobility on ice and snow during ice climbing particularly when faced with rigid steps. When attempting to climb snowy or icy mountains, do not forget to buy this kind of gear. Buy crampons that are perfectly suited for the mountaineering boots.

Mountaineering tent/Sleeping Bag

The duration of the climb may depend on how high the peak is, as well as the weather conditions. There is no way that mountaineers can walk and perform difficult tasks in the trail without proper sleep. With a tent and sleeping bag, you can rest your weary body before heading out onto the trail once again. A sleeping bag can prevent you from suffering hypothermia while on the mountain. Make sure to buy ones that are easy to pack and comes in lightweight condition.

Mountaineering gears are very essential. So, if you are interested to participate in mountaineering, do not forget to include this buying guide on your list before embarking into mountain climbing expeditions.